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Professional FM Services for Residential & Commercial

Established in 2010, Green Buildings, an Abu Dhabi-based facility management company, stands as a pioneer in delivering exceptional solutions for building and infrastructure facilities. Our expertise spans across an array of services, encompassing HARD engineering services like MEP, HVAC, interior designing, and fit-out. Additionally, we offer a host of environmental services that prioritize the well-being of our planet, including water tank cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pest control, and more. Our team of dedicated professionals combines cutting-edge technology and extensive field knowledge to ensure your spaces are not only meticulously maintained but also environmentally sustainable. Experience the epitome of facility management excellence with Green Buildings. Get a quote today!

Our Facility Management Services

Explore our vast selection of state-of-the-art facility management solutions that are not only environmentally safe but also at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. With our extensive array of services, you can book any option that suits your needs and get the undeniable assurance of guaranteed results that surpass your expectations.

Hard Services

Experience the unparalleled excellence of our industry experts as Green Buildings Facility Management Company in Abu Dhabi revolutionizes spaces with cutting-edge HVAC, MEP, interior designing, and fit-out solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise in Sustainable Facility Management

Our company specializes in environmentally safe facility management, with a team of experts who are well-versed in sustainable practices to ensure your building and infrastructure are maintained in an eco-friendly manner.

Commitment to Green Initiatives

We are deeply committed to promoting green initiatives and reducing the environmental impact of our services. Our comprehensive approach integrates energy-efficient solutions, waste management, and sustainable practices throughout all aspects of facility maintenance.

Innovative Solutions

We stay up to date with the latest advancements in facility management technologies and constantly seek innovative solutions. By utilizing state-of-the-art tools and systems, we optimize energy consumption, reduce resource waste, and enhance the overall efficiency of your facilities.

Proactive Maintenance and Risk Management

Our proactive approach to maintenance ensures that potential issues are identified and addressed before they escalate, minimizing disruptions and costly repairs. Additionally, we prioritize risk management strategies to enhance the safety and longevity of your building and infrastructure, while safeguarding the environment.

Extensive Experience

With years of experience in Abu Dhabi's facility management sector, we understand the unique challenges and regulations of the region. We leverage our expertise to deliver tailored solutions that align with local environmental standards and best practices.

How We Work?


Problem identification


Maintenance task planning


Work scheduling


Task allocation to the team


Proper execution of work


Analysis and decision-making for preventive measures

Industries We Serve

Hospitality and Tourism

Residential Buildings

Commercial and Office Space

Retail and Shopping Centers

Healthcare Facilities

Education Sector

Industrial and Manufacturing

Government and Public Sector

Sports and Recreation

Energy and Utilities


What Services Does Green Buildings Facility Management Company Offer?

We provide a comprehensive range of FM services, including building maintenance, water tank cleaning and ac duct cleaning services, pest control, termite treatment, disinfection and sterilization, marble polishing, MEP, HVAC, and more. Our aim is to ensure that your facility operates smoothly and efficiently.

How Experienced Is Your Team?

Our team is highly experienced and well-trained in their respective fields. We have a diverse team of professionals with expertise in various aspects of facility management, including engineering, maintenance, and customer service.

Are Your Services Customizable to Suit Customers’ Requirements?

Absolutely! We understand that each facility has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer customized facility management solutions tailored to meet your specific demands.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Services?

We are committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients. We achieve this by employing well-trained staff, implementing industry best practices, and using modern technologies and equipment. Additionally, we conduct regular inspections and audits to ensure compliance with quality standards and address any issues promptly.

How Do You Handle Emergencies or Maintenance Issues Outside of Regular Working Hours?

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. Our company operates round the clock, ensuring that we can promptly respond to any emergency or maintenance issues, regardless of the time of day or night. We have a dedicated hotline and a team on standby to handle such situations efficiently.

What Is Your Approach to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility?

We are committed to sustainable facility management services. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by implementing energy-efficient solutions, promoting recycling and waste reduction, and utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products. Our aim is to help you create a greener facility while reducing operational costs.

How To Get Started?

Getting started is simple. Contact our team, either through our website or by phone, and provide us with details about your facility and your specific requirements. We will schedule a consultation to understand your needs better and develop a tailored facility management plan. Once the plan is finalized, we can commence our services promptly.

What Sets Your Facility Management Abu Dhabi Apart from Others?

Our facility management company stands out due to our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation. We prioritize long-term partnerships with our clients and strive to exceed their expectations. With our experienced team, customized services, and focus on quality and sustainability, we offer a reliable and comprehensive FM solution in Abu Dhabi.


This letter is to recommend that M/s Green Building cleaning LLC has done their water tank cleaning our hotel premises and we are satisfied with their professional team work according to the UAE Govt. guidelines.

We are highly recommend their services to other clients as well.

This letter is to recommend that M/s Green Buildings Cleaning LLC has done their water tank & kitchen hood cleaning in our hotel premises. We are satisfied with their professional team work according to the UAE Govt. guidelines.

We have signed a yearly contract with them and therefore highly recommend their services to any other clients as well.

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of M/S Green Buildings Cleaning L.L.C, we have used the services of this company for one occasion to carry out the HVAC Duct Cleaning & Disinfection to our four building phases and they have done a great job. Their employees are professional, punctual and thorough.

We are completely satisfied by the work that Green Buildings has done for the School, therefore, I can confidently recommend them to any other client looking for professional cleaning services.

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