About Us

About Green Buildings Facility Management LLC.

Green Buildings Facility Management LLC. Cleaning is one of the UAE’s most recognised pest control, air duct and water tank cleaning, disinfectant and Sterilization services providers in Abu dhabi region We are one of the best pest control, water tank, and duct cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi, having been established in 2010. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art services. Cleaning state of the art air conditioner ducts and water tanks with our selection of well-known pest control services Passionate, well-trained, and experienced personnel about what they do for a living.

Our Mission

At Green Buildings Facility Management LLC., we aim to be the best at what we do and deliver the best each and every time we do it. To provide superior service to our customers and advancement of work Quality through continuous Training, Research & Development and by complying to the Local Regulatory Directives.

Our Vision

Green Buildings Facility Management LLC.’ vision is to become one among the top 10 Companies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for our business domain and to maintain it year on year in the pursuit of “Protecting the environment and Promoting healthy lifestyles”; sustainability is our core objective to remain in business.

Our Values

Our employees are the most valued assets of our Company. They are the essential, but unavoidable, participants in fulfilling our corporate goal. At the same time, we identified that the performance of our employees are inspired though timely recognition linked with motivation and encouragement which are the real factors in achieving the success. Our goals are accomplished by the diligent commitment from every employee.

Environment Protection (upkeep) & Sustainability

How GBFM can add value to the National Vision and Global Vision?

There is a proverb that many of us are aware: “Charity begins at Home”.  Environment protection is a major global concern.  National Leaders across the globe are seriously discussing, strategizing and allocating heavy budget to save the earth from major disasters. 

This concept has to be taken up at the very low level, be it home, business (micro levels).  Once this vision is absorbed at the micro level, it will automatically inflated at the macro level.  An awareness is inculcated into the public in this regard.  It has to be started at the very low level rather than starting at the top level.  The flow of this strategical approach has to move upward at the earliest while it flows downward from the national and global level. 

There are two phrases we come across in this regard.  Centripetal and centrifugal.  The key difference between centripetal and centrifugal acceleration is that centripetal acceleration occurs due to the force acting towards the centre of the circle that an object traces, whereas centrifugal acceleration occurs due to the force acting outward the centre of the circle that an object traces. Here the object and the objective is the Protection of Environment. So these two accelerations has to happen simultaneously to achieve the desired results within the minimum timeframe. 

Conservation of energy and water are two major critical lanes we have to care for.  Switching off a light and/or any Electrical devices consumes electricity will not only save the money, but it saves the national wastage of energy.  Power generation is expensive for a country and most countries have subsidised such charges to help the community.  Similarly, the optimum use of the water is also highly important. Water is reached our premises after a lengthy and expensive desalination process which is causing major threat to the environment itself.  Merely changing the nozzles at consumer level will not resolve the problem; a strong measure will have to be enforced to have the photo sensor with controlled flow across the country. 

Quality of Air that we inhale is also very vital for a healthy community. Most of the modern buildings are centrally air conditioned with very limited fresh air entering into the premises.  Hence the air that comes from the supply vent should be clean from all kinds of fungus and other unhealthy particles.  The A.C. Ducts have to be cleaned and disinfected/treated to provide the clean air which is very vital.  Similarly the chilled water supply pipes have to be properly insulated to have a clean environment.  Normal community is unaware of the hazards in this area as it is not visible to human eyes.  This could cause lot of respiratory problems and sickness which leads to medical treatment and intake of unnecessary drugs and antibiotics. Why to damage your own health as well as your family?

Quality of water we drink plays yet another vital aspect of a healthy community.  Quality of Water that received from the main line is a major factor whereas the internal pipe system should be treated to eliminate the corrosion and the accumulated retention of dust, fine sand, clay, dirt, and biological contaminants.  Cleaning the Water storage tanks periodically with recommended chemical treatment could avoid lot of health hazards.  Flushing out the pipes is another type of treatment to minimize the health hazards

Smart city concepts have come into existence in many developed countries where these kinds of advanced communal care can be implemented.  These are still to be thought about on a serious level. 

The role of GBFM is to join hands with this global vision to protect the environment through which we consider this as our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to build a healthy community without any compromise.  We expect that a greater support at the Ministerial level as we are joining our hands with the national and world wide resolution in this emerging situation. 

We are also now geared up ourselves to provide a comprehensive, but Quality services to take care of your facility that requires periodical and preventive maintenance.  No more worry about your property and its well-functioning; leave it GBFM and you will never regret.  Our Team are set ready 24/7 to serve you.  

Why Choose Us?

Fast and Friendly Service

With our courteous personnel and on-time delivery, we cater to your wants and services.

Customer Satisfaction

Very cost-effective, and services are provided with the motto “customer pleasure is paramount.”

Professional Equipment

We offer cutting-edge technology that caters to all of our customers’ requirements.

Our value system


  • We act responsibly with honesty and trustworthiness.
  • We do what we say ‘we are going to do’.

We operate with transparency and build relationship through Dedicated Team Work (DTW), Collective Decision Making (CDM), sharing across the Technical Knowhow from top to bottom.


  • We treat each other with respect. We believe to give respect first for the recipient to reciprocate; based on ‘give and take’ principle.
  • We offer constructive solutions when we receive a customer complaint. Whereas if we have a complaint, we offer solution for it.

Customer Service

  • We understand that our Clients/Customers pay our wages and our bills thereby providing the opportunity to function as a business.
  • We always strive to provide ‘best practices’ to our clients as far as the Quality is concerned.
  • We emphasize providing real value for money to our Clients without causing any risks and liabilities to them. We always work in compliance to the standards without neglecting the compliance to the local regulatory directives.”