Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing in Abu Dhabi

Reliable and Hassle-free Cleaning Services at Your Doorstep

GBFM is a renowned facility management company that offers professional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. At GBFM, we understand the importance of a clean and inviting environment, be it in your home or workspace. We take pride in offering top-notch carpet cleaning tailored to your needs. Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t only make your carpet look new; it also helps to prolong its lifespan. Our team specializes in dry carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing, using cutting-edge Australian-made equipment that ensures exceptional results, and we exclusively employ 99% non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning products. Enjoy the benefits of impeccably clean space with our other services, including kitchen hood cleaning and the best pest control in Abu Dhabi. Schedule today! 

Safe and Eco-friendly Carpet Washing Methods

Our carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi ensures a healthy environment for your family, including children and pets. Experience spotless carpets and rugs free from germs, dust, and dirt, promoting a clean and comfortable living space. 

Thorough Inspection

  • A thorough inspection is crucial before any carpet cleaning process to assess the condition. 
  • During this inspection, we identify stains, damages, and other issues and plan the most suitable cleaning approach. 
  • We evaluate the type of carpet fibers, check for colorfastness, and address any pet-related concerns. 

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaning

  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaning employs powerful suction to effectively remove dirt. 
  • It’s particularly efficient for surface debris and utilizes water for deep cleaning, extracting embedded dirt. 
  • This method is ideal for high-traffic areas, with a quick drying time. 


  • This is a thorough cleaning method that reaches deep into carpet fibers. 
  • It effectively breaks down stubborn stains and removes deeply ingrained dirt, restoring your luster. 
  • This method can extend the life of older carpets and is especially useful for brightening faded areas. 

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Carpet?

Regular cleaning helps maintain the attractive appearance of the carpet, extends its lifespan, and ensures proper hygiene maintenance. Since dirt can accumulate not only on the surface but also deep within the fibers, it’s not always possible to determine when cleaning is needed based solely on the carpet’s appearance. Therefore, it’s crucial to consistently remove dirt and effectively address any stains. 

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How Much Do Your Carpet Cleaning Services Cost?

Our prices are determined based on the condition of your carpet, its size, and specific cleaning requirements.

Do You Offer Same-day Services?

Yes, we provide same-day carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing services for your convenience, subject to availability.

What Cleaning Methods Do You Use?

We employ a range of cleaning methods, including steam cleaning and dry cleaning, tailored to the unique needs of your carpet.