CEO's Message

Quality of living

‘Standard of Living’ and ‘Quality of Life’ are the two different facets of life

The standard of living is a socio economic measure of wealth, income and material comfort available to a person or community whereas quality of life is a highly subjective measure that concerns the general well-being of individuals and societies. Standard of living refers to the external exhibition to a reveal one’s socioeconomic status whereas the Quality of life, on the other hand, is an internal uncompromising value system that can measure happiness

In the year 2020, I heard some people saying, survival is the primary goal in each one’s life as COVID-19 had taken a toss taking away millions of people from the face of this earth. Climate change (global warming) is one of the current, but major concern of the world.  Forest fire and heat waves are another health hazards erupted in Europe, the same happened in Australia some time ago, which has become a threat to the animal kingdom directly and to the human lives indirectly.  Rising of water level in the ocean is another major How can we save this world is a big question mark?

“Is there any escape to this kind of perilous situation? All I can propose is to live today with the best possible way giving high importance to the Quality of Life than the Standard of Living. Socio Economic status can be considered if one have surplus money in their procession, but surely not creating a liability (borrowing) for the future”

As part of the corporate goal, we set our business with an aim to improve the Quality of Life in this region. We do try to promote our business to provide:
  • Quality air supply which will not only improve your health condition, but it will control the sickness. Some use the air purifier as a preventive measure whereas GBFM tries to control the risk at the root level.  We do also provide Air Quality Test Reports.
  • Quality of water intake. One may drink the mineral water, but again most of the people drink the tap water duly filtered. In a high rise building, if the base level tanks and the roof tanks are not cleaned and treated periodically, it can be dangerous in the long run. We do provide Water Quality Test Reports.
  • Pests always are carriers of different infectious deceases and we are fighting to curb such hazards together with the controlling authorities to our valued Customers.
The role of GBFM is to join hands with this global vision to protect the environment through which we consider this as our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to build a healthy community without any compromise. We are also now geared up ourselves to provide a comprehensive, but Quality services to take care of your facility that requires periodical and preventive maintenance.  No more worry about your property and its well-functioning; leave it GBFM and you will never regret.  Our Team are set ready 24/7 to serve you.